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Brand: Graisse Belleville

Belleville Grease offers you to buy online, easily and securely. Our industrial greases and oils are adapted to your different equipment.
In addition, Belleville Grease provides you with the technical sheets and SDS of our different technical greases. Thus we facilitate your choice.
In addition, all our greases are in stock. Consequently we ensure the delivery of your orders within 24 hours.
Of course we guarantee you the best prices and a completely secure payment. In addition, you choose the payment method that suits you. Finally, by simply calling 03 23 09 30 20, our specialists offer free technical assistance to allow you to optimize your choices.

Buy real Belleville Grease to guarantee the longevity of your equipment. We offer different types of industrial greases. Of course graphite grease. But also the special grease bearings and the multi-service grease. Then the white grease food contact, the Molybdenum disulfide grease. But also the copper grease, the Silicone grease, the aluminum grease. And finally the synthetic grease, the sulphate grease and Perfluorinated Grease

Finally all our mechanical greases exist in different packaging in order to adapt to your technical and quantitative needs. For example 700g boxes (1kg for the Blue label), but also 400g cartridges, or 5kg buckets, or 20ml syringes, 50kg kegs, or 180kg drums. In addition, these high performance greases are available for sale individually or in boxes of 12, 24 or 25 units depending on the type of grease you select.

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